Tiny Star Stories


2017 - ONGOING

Tiny Star Stories - Handfolded Origami Stars

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‘Tiny Star Stories’ are unique, individual mini stories, which will make you smile – told through colourful origami stars in beautiful tiny glass bottles…

The finished paper stars range in size from 5mm (folded from a 3mm wide strip of paper) to 21mm (folded from a 13mm strip of paper). The average finished paper star size however is approx. 10mm (folded from a 7mm wide strip of paper).

The actual bottle stands at approx. 65mm tall (okay, small…), and has a diameter of approx. 30mm. The size is well represented in the photographs.

Each bottle is sealed with a beautiful, colour-matched sealing wax, and stamped with the ‘one shoop’ logo.

There is a tiny, colour-matched, label attached to the neck of the bottle, which tells you the name of the tiny origami story, as well as the date it was made and my signature for authenticity.

I am happy to hand-make bottles to order if you want to surprise someone with a personalised Tiny Star Story! Please get in touch for prices.

Any other questions please do get in touch.

Thank you! <3 Elke xx